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Beautiful Moments: Smoky Mountain Sweetness

Thought I would share some of the Smoky Mountain sweetness from my vacation in North Carolina last week.  Enjoy!


Catching the rolling clouds overhead,

powerful forces of beauty

reshaping the landscape’s light and shadow


Admiring the flowing elements softly changing the earth,

inhaling the sweetness of less inhabited air


Finding a kindred soul while searching a cabin bookshelf,

reliving my pilgrimage through the written word

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Beautiful Moments for Lazy Sundays: Unexpected Symmetry, Tree Love and Touching the Earth


Finding delicate pink petals

on a brisk, fall day-

tastes of spring’s sweetness while on the autumn brink


Running my hands through tendrils of green,

feeling the soft vibrance growing from the earth

slip between my fingers


Examining unexpected symmetry

a blending of man and nature’s perfect beauty

creating art in the sky


Pausing on our path

to share our gentle love

fingers pressed to the skin of the trees

IMG_2339 (1)

Remembering early-morning fishing trips

laughing in sunken mud

playing in the mist rising from the lake

while it dances in the rays of the sun


This post is one of a series called “Beautiful Moments” based upon my Mindful Gratitude practice.  

Where are you finding beauty this Sunday?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section of the post or directly to me via the Contact tab.

Beautiful Moments Practice: Cronuts, Commuting and the Artist’s Way


 Stopped in traffic on my commute,

the sun following me, peeking through the trees


Watching students in the Mosaic program

turn bits of torn and tattered paper

into personal expression and community building


Smelling sandalwood and bergamot during my evening meditation,

darkness enfolding the quiet within


Feeling the crisp edges of fried croissant

(yes, fried- say hello to the cronut, the king of all donuts)

crunch between my fingers before I bite into

its sweet, buttery decadence.


Painting, sharing, exploring

with my fellow creatives in our Artist’s Way group


These collected bits of time make up my Beautiful Moments Practice, part of how I express and reflect on Mindful Gratitude in daily life.

From where does your beauty come in your own life?  How do you capture it?

“Beautiful Moments”: A Mindful Gratitude Practice

Beautiful Moments Pratice (1)

When I began my daily mindfulness practice a year and a half ago, I also began daily journals reflecting upon my practice and my life experiences. These books have become some of my most beloved possessions.  I have used them in my writing to capture a moment in time that has passed, and I have used them to gain a new perspective when I was unsure which way to more forward.

They are a record written in my most personal moments, and yet strangely, they are also a source of objectivity for me.  There are moments when I go back and review the pages to find kernels of wisdom I need at the present moment or to gain a sense of “what it was really like” when I feel like a time was particularly “good” or “bad” in my life.

My journaling has changed over time.  My research on the benefits of gratitude evolved my writing to include more positive experiences.  In short summary, individuals with a gratitude practice have more positive emotional experiences overall and live seven to nine years longer on average (Graham).

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