Beautiful Moments: Toes in the Grass and Found Expressions of Joy, Love and Art


Finding unexpected art in an alleyway,

wondering about the person whose hands held the brush.


Connecting with nature,

feeling the life under rough bark and soft moss,

touching the essence of living things.


Finding chalk on the sidewalk,

inspiration to spread love in the world

to whomever should pass.


Feeling the morning dew on my toes,

enjoying a moment of sunshine and solitude before starting the day.


Allowing the world to share its words,

little bits of joy and new ways to express

what it means to be human and present in the world.

(Note: photo taken of a card available at Stauf’s Coffee Shop in Grandview, Ohio)


This post is one of a series called “Beautiful Moments” based upon my Mindful Gratitude practice.  

Where have you found inspiration to experience love and be joyful this week?

Feel free to share in the comments or to send me a note in the “Contact” tab.

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