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I am Brandi Lust, the founder of Learning Lab Consulting, a company that seeks to improve the quality of life and performance of individuals and organizations seeking to grow in a more mindful, connected and creative manner.  

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My background is as a high school English teacher and instructional coach. Meaningful experiences as a mindfulness practitioner, and later a mindfulness teacher, informed the decision to take tools gained as an educator, a learner, and a lover of the human language in a new direction.  In June of 2015, this resulted in a career shift and the beginning of Learning Lab Consulting.

The basis of my work is personal experience with mindfulness and all the topics on which I speak.  Being a regular meditator since 2014 has provided resilience through deeply affecting personal challenges.  (Read my story of personal transformation through mindfulness here.)


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In short: I do what I teach.  While every experience Learning Lab creates comes from much research and always uses evidence-based practices, it never stops (and often doesn’t even begin) there.  Engaging in the practices, reflecting on learning and, very often, writing about the results to share with others here on the blog is all part of the process, too.

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Learning Lab works with clients in the field of education, in social justice organizations, in helping professions and in privately owned businesses to provide rejuvenation and meaningful learning opportunities.  Mindfulness is always an important component of what we do, but its definitely not all of it.  The focus of Learning Lab could be described as “the things that make us human.”  Without characteristics such as playfulness, creativity, compassion, resiliency, and interconnectedness, we lose much of the meaning and joy in life. This affects our performance, but more importantly, it affects our quality of life and our relationships with others.


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As a facilitator, speaker, teacher and writer, I seek to facilitate experiences and learning that enhance our humanity in our work and in the world.  I have facilitated workshops, presented at conferences, and hosted events for school districts, private companies and public organizations throughout Central Ohio.

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  • 10 years of experience in the field of education as a teacher, instructional coach, educational leader and facilitator of adult education
  • 3 years of daily mindfulness and meditation practice and 8 years of yoga practice
  • Cultivating Presence, Confidence and Compassion with Wendy Palmer of Leadership Embodiment | April 2017
  • Mindful Leadership Conference | April 2017
  • Healing Trauma Through Yoga with David Emerson | July 2016
  • Y12SR (Yoga 12 Step Recovery) Leadership Training | June 2016
  • Mindful Life Conference | April 2016
  • 8 Week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) Course | August-September 2015
  • 10-Day Vipassana Course | January of 2016


  • Master of Art | Education | Mount Vernon Nazarene University
  • Bachelor’s of Art | English | The Ohio State University