Beautiful Moments Practice: Cronuts, Commuting and the Artist’s Way


 Stopped in traffic on my commute,

the sun following me, peeking through the trees


Watching students in the Mosaic program

turn bits of torn and tattered paper

into personal expression and community building


Smelling sandalwood and bergamot during my evening meditation,

darkness enfolding the quiet within


Feeling the crisp edges of fried croissant

(yes, fried- say hello to the cronut, the king of all donuts)

crunch between my fingers before I bite into

its sweet, buttery decadence.


Painting, sharing, exploring

with my fellow creatives in our Artist’s Way group


These collected bits of time make up my Beautiful Moments Practice, part of how I express and reflect on Mindful Gratitude in daily life.

From where does your beauty come in your own life?  How do you capture it?

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