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The Art of Living 3: Photo Walking in Downtown Columbus, Ohio


As part of my participation in an Artist’s Way group, I am obligated to spend two hours alone doing something that fills my “creative cup” once a week.  I have been pining for a photography trip in downtown Columbus, so that’s how I used my “artist’s date” time on Sunday.  Here are some of the images that caught my eye.


Photo by Brandi Lust taken at Glean in Columbus, Ohio


Photo by Brandi Lust taken at On Paper in Columbus, Ohio


Photo by Brandi Lust taken at Posh Pets Boutique in Columbus, Ohio


Photo by Brandi Lust taken in the window of Glean in Columbus, Ohio


Photo by Brandi Lust taken in the garden of Haiku in Columbus, Ohio


Photo by Brandi Lust taken in T. David in Columbus, Ohio

While I took some photos of the large-scale art installations downtown and some of the other classic street views (the North Market signage, for example), my favorite photos ended up being the little bits and pieces that are probably more particular to what I find uniquely special- a tiny Buddha in a mint box; delicate white paper flowers; smooth, dark stones in the garden of a sushi restaurant.

Other juicy little treats from my creative date included sipping a spicy house-made ginger ale from the North Star Cafe while I walked, and my personal favorite, getting a fortune from a quarter machine that said, “Keep your goals away from the trolls.”  Good advice…


Have you ever been photo walking?  If so, what caught your eye and why?