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Socratic Seminar: Racism in To Kill a Mockingbird and in Modern Day

As part of the To Kill a Mockingbird unit, the ninth grade team plans to have students participate in a Socratic Seminar using To Kill a Mockingbird and other non-fiction and multimedia sources.  The central topic of the seminar is racism in society.

The post, Students Coaching Students Socratic Seminar: A Step-By-Step Process, will provide guidelines for the Socratic Seminar model where students coach students in the discussion process.

Socratic Seminar Questions

  1. What is racism? Is it a belief, an illness, an action, etc?
  1. Is racism still a major problem in society today, and what causes racism?
  1. Has racism affected you or people you know?
  1. What are the effects of racism in society? Explain.
  1. What are the effects of racism on individuals (both the aggressor and the victim?) Explain.
  1. What lessons can people learn from Atticus Finch?
  1. Do you think Atticus Finch would have taken the case to prosecute George Zimmerman if he were asked? Why or why not?

Non-Fiction Articles

Multimedia Sources

Handout for students with questions and a list of sources: