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Giving Up Conditional Love: Don Miguel Luiz on The One You Feed

I have been listening to a podcast called The One You Feed after a friend recommended it to me. In a recent episode, the host, Eric Zimmer (one of the podcast founders who also lives in Columbus, Ohio), interviewed Don Miguel Ruiz, most well known as the writer of the book Four Agreements.

Four Agreements jpeg
While listening to the conversation, I was incredibly struck with a statement about love from Miguel Ruiz that rang true in my own human experience.  It is as follows:

“We learn to love the same way that everybody else loves… the way they love us is with conditions. We can say that with 99.999 percent of humans, they love with conditions… And that’s how we love everybody, but everybody also loves us the same way. They love us if we do what they want us to do. It’s the reason we want to please everybody in the world.”

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