Student and Teacher Blogging Resources: Directions, Assignments and Tips

For waiver day, I presented a class on creating blogs and using them in the classroom with students.  The following resources were created for the class and might be helpful to teachers

This handout is for students and is about writing for a blog and is organized by sections on style, content, and editing of blog posts.

This handout is for teachers.  It is an accumulation of ideas for using blogs in the classroom to practice creative, informational, response, and research-based writing.

This resource covers the technical aspects of blogging and provides instructions for creating blogs, posting, linking media and other basic skills.  There are step-by-step instructions for many procedures.  It was intended for teachers, but it could easily be modified for students to cover the basics of blogging.

Here is an example slide from the Power Point that covers tips for inserting media (see below).

Insert Media Pic

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