Fighting Oppression: Julius Caesar Socratic Seminar Part I

Renee Jackson and I have been planning for a Socratic Seminar at the end of the Julius Caesar unit that will focus on the following essential questions:

“Is violence an effective means to resolve political oppression?”

•    Are there other methods?
•    Are they effective?

In order to prepare for this, I gathered some resources dealing with the theme of oppression, violence and non-violent forms of activism.  Here are the links to these resources:

These were the skills on which we wanted to focus for the unit:
•    Quote Integration
•    Gist statements and in-context vocabulary
•    Synthesis of multiple sources
•    Speaking and listening skills that require students to provide textual evidence

To this end, we decided to have students do a close reading and annotate non-fiction texts dealing with the essential questions as they read Casesar.  I created a “cover sheet” for each of the sources (see below).  These texts will be kept and utilized for the Socratic discussion, which we want to be evidence-based.  More on this process as it develops.

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