Beautiful Moments: Enchanted Forest Edition

There is an enchanting beauty found along the simplest paths of life. Mostly this is a metaphor, but sometimes, if you are open enough, it is literal, too.

Last Sunday on an early-morning walk so cold that our fingertips were icy-cold bits of numbness, I had to dance and skip alongside Mel to keep from becoming too chilled.  Despite the cold, however, we walked for hours, and along the path we encountered some wondrous little surprises that enchanted us both.


Mel admiring the view. Photo by Brandi Lust



The view from her tree seat. Photo by Melissa Larisch



Of course, I needed to touch the slippery, damp bark.  Photo by Melissa Larisch



Across the way, someone had built a ladder into the sky. Photo by Melissa Larisch



A refection of the forest. Photo by Brandi Lust


These photos remind me of Shinrin-Yoku, or forest bathing. A practice of connecting with trees to bring greater health and connection to the earth.

I want to thank the people who long ago created this day for us.  No one can ever know what beautiful little treasures we leave along the path for others, but a little creativity goes a long way I think.


Where will you find a little magic in your moments this weekend?

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