List of Services

As your instructional coach, my role is not to evaluate, enforce or judge; instead, I am here to support, listen, collaborate and learn.  I want to help you to increase your capacity as an educator, and ultimately, make your job easier.  This can be accomplished by helping teachers connect and collaborate with one another; you are each experts in the classroom with your own unique strengths to share.

This list of ideas provides some possibilities for our work together.  Please consider how you might choose to utilize my services.


  • Gather resources for teaching strategies, technology or content area questions or interests
  • Explore community partnerships and find experts applicable to your content area
  • Co-plan and help develop lessons and assessments that meet standards


  • Demonstrate teaching strategies in your classroom
  • Be a classroom assistant if you need another pair of hands for groupings or larger projects
  • Observe a lesson or a particular class and give formative feedback
  • Team teach with you after planning collaboratively
  • Teach your class so that you may observe another colleague


  • Reflect with you after observations and collaborations in the classroom to discuss what went well and where growth can occur
  • Listen/brainstorm with you- sometimes you just need someone to talk to about what’s happening in your classroom
  • Assist in data analysis

Professional Development

  • Help you connect and collaborate with other educators in and out of the building
  • Provide venues to share your areas of expertise with other teachers
  • Lead study groups

Some ideas modified from: ©Pam Hahlen and Erin Marr. All rights reserved.

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