Beautiful Moments: Color Explosion, Best Ever Birthday Party, and Mindful Play

This past weekend, I attended Sawyer’s best friend Sarah’s birthday party.  Her parents are super-cool, fun people who turned the party into a science themed adventure complete with a balloon pit, Easter egg/scavenger hunt, and color-explosion science lab.

I snapped some photos, and gained some inspiration.  (I had a request from a workshop yesterday to host a Mindful Play Learning Lab that consists of a children’s birthday party sans kids… Yes. I shall do this.)



Kids created this colored foam in a water bottle and then squirted in everywhere. (Please note the awesome lab coat and goggles.)



More colored foam.



Half and half, food coloring, and Q-tips.



Note the empty milk container to the right. That one ended up on the floor, user beware.



Can you count the children? There were probably fifteen of them in there!



I snuck this opportunity when the kids went to start the science lab. Photo by Jamey Fauque


My reflection: why should kids have all of the fun? (Although they should have it, too!)


This post is one in a series called Beautiful Moments.  It is part of my mindful gratitude practice.

Where can you feel like a kid today? 

Thoughts, opinions connections?  Please share!

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