Beautiful Moments: Cold Winter Days and “The Love that Let Us Share Our Name”


The table set before my birthday dinner with my little family.

Feeling held by candle light and love

appreciating the magic of regular moments

made particular by caring hands and connected hearts


Making the gift bags for the kids and Jamey before I went on my ten-day silent retreat, one for each day I was gone to tell them how they help me, why I am proud of them, the reasons and ways I love them.

Translating absence to deeper appreciation

attempting to express with inadequate words

the “love that let us share our name”

(quote from “Murder in the City” a morbid yet beautiful song by The Avett Brothers that Jamey sings the first line of constantly: “If I get murdered in the city, don’t do revenging in my name“)


The boys and I on a snow day arriving home after a walk in the snow and a trip to get hot chocolate at Luck Bros, our favorite coffee shop up the street. It is only a block away, but the trip took us an hour while playing in the snow along the way.  (Also, my first published “make up free selfie- more to come!)

Embracing the winter season

Feeling grateful for the crisp edges of February

as seen through the eyes of an exhilarated child

unburdened by expectations:


Sawyer catching snow flakes on his tongue. We were walking home from school and I turned around and found him two blocks behind me, face to the sky.

Halting mid-stride and searching the air,

hoping to catch a snowflake from the sky


Sawyer, Jamey and I taking advantage of the outdoor ice skating rink in the Arena District downtown.

Taking a chance alone


This is what it looked like most of the time, but he never stopped smiling.

Accepting the risk of trying,

trusting in support,

believing in love


This post is part of the Beautiful Moments series, part of my mindful gratitude practice.

What were your beautiful moments this week?

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