Beautiful Moments: Rainbows, New Notebooks and Pumpkin Donuts


Opening the first page of a new notebook,

blank space soon to be filled

beginning again, pen to paper,

poised to fill the pages


Delighting in the Buddha,

a tiny creation of one mind

sculpted playfully by working fingers

set into the world for all to enjoy

(Taken at St. Francis DeSales High School during a mindful creativity workshop where teachers made their brains from Play Doh)


Reveling in decadence,

the crisp, buttery edges of fried dough

the richness of cream

(This is the pumpkin donut with cream cheese icing from DK Diner in Grandview.  I am not being paid to say it was a highlight in my gastronomical life to eat this donut…. Go and get one immediately if at all possible.)


Soaking up rainbow color,

small fingers

painting themselves into the world


This post is part of a series called Beautiful Moments, a part of my Mindful Gratitude practice. 

Where did you find beautiful moments this week?  Share your thoughts as a comment to this post.

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