Beautiful Moments: Overcoming Fear, Remembering Love, Being Mindful of Beauty


Remembering my Rose through the words of Hafiz,

giving her beauty to the world,

feeling her light,

and her call to live without fear


Admiring the contrast in nature-

the fire of earthly splendor,

the insatiable blue of the sky


Walking the bridges of life,

-feeling blessings, exhilaration, insecurity-

a pilgrim’s footsteps into the unknown

IMG_2558 (1)

Finding joy in nature, love and art

watching tiny fingers sketching rainbows


Capturing the light revealed in the everyday.


This post is one of a series called “Beautiful Moments” based upon my Mindful Gratitude practice.  

What beautiful moments from your own experience do you connect to these images or thoughts?

Feel free to leave your comments in this post or email me in the Contact tab.  

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