Argumentative Essay Resources for the Topic: “Is College a Requirement for Success in Today’s Society or Not?”

For the ninth grade Embedded Assessment 2 in Unit 1 of Springboard, students are asked to write an argumentative essay about the value of a college education.

The ninth grade teacher team decided to phrase the prompt as follows:

Is college a requirement for success in today’s society or not?  

Students will be required to utilize multiple sources to answer this question and can choose a variety of angles on the topic.  The following are a list of resources that can be used for this purpose.

Articles Against College Education

“Is College Worth It?” from The Economist

“The Case Against College Education” from TIME

“Why a College Degree May Not Be Worth It” from U.S. News

“College Isn’t for Everyone: Let’s Stop Pretending” from Slate

Articles About Trade Schools

“Going to Trade School; Should You Do It?” from Fox Business

“In Hard Times, Lured into Trade School and Debt” from The New York Times

“Trade Schools Might be a Better Choice than College: Here’s Why” from Lifehacker

Articles in Support of College Education

“Why Your College Degree Has More Value Than You Think” from Huffington Post

“Value of College Degree is Growing, Study Says” from The New York Times

“It Still Pays to Get a College Degree” from Forbes

“Top Ten Benefits of a College Degree” from The Christian Science Monitor

Here is a handout that can be given to students with links to all of the articles:

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