Writer’s Workshop: Using and Reflecting on Peer Feedback

As stated in a previous Writer’s Workshop post, Leslie Harris and I planned a unit together focusing on the revision process and giving effective feedback.

Based upon previous experience, I had realized the need for a more formalized product to come out of the workshopping sessions.  To this end, I created a resource where students were asked to do the following:

  • During workshop: Record feedback received
  • Immediately after workshop: Provide a summary of feedback and plan for improvement
  • After the final paper is completed: Provide a summary on specific changes made and a reflection on what was learned from the workshop process

Harris’ plan is to mandate the revision of papers after the workshop session is completed and have them turn in the draft and “Writer’s Workshop Reflection” with the final paper.

Here is the resource we used for this lesson:

2 responses to Writer’s Workshop: Using and Reflecting on Peer Feedback

  1. kennethfetterman

    I think that your post(s) about facilitating a writers workshop are informative and well organized (i.e. professional). Thanks!
    I will continue to follow your Blog (I un-follow some).

    • Peas and Prose Post Author

      Hi Kenneth. Thank you so much for your positive feedback! I am glad to hear that others in the field of education are getting use of these resources.

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