Technology Post: Feed your Brain with Feedly

RSS Feed

This is the symbol to get the link for RSS feeds. Most blogs (websites with content added regularly) have a link that will either look like this or have the text “RSS Feed.” You can click on these links and get a web address to add to your “feed.”

I recently learned what an RSS feed was.  According to, an RSS (“Real Simple Syndication”) “is a content delivery vehicle.”  A “feed” is when the content is disseminated to an audience.

Why is this interesting?  You can load these “feeds” into a “feeder,” and you don’t have to visit all of the websites to get the information any longer.

I have started using one of these recently that I LOVE.  It is called Feedly. If there are already sites and blogs you check out regularly add those, but they also offer categories of information with lists of suggested sites.  For example, my categories include: writing, teaching, cooking and news among others.  These are some of the sites I have in my “teaching” feed:

This is the website where you can load your feeds:

Feedly JPEG

Really, the best thing about using Feedly is that it can be downloaded as an app, and then you can quickly review the headlines, read the articles, and save/email/post the ones you want from your phone.  the app looks like this once you download it:

Feedly App JPEG

It is very appealing aesthetically, but it is also very user friendly.  After you review the articles automatically fed into Feedly, you can mark the list as “read,” and they disappear.  In addition, you can also place the articles in a “Save for Later” category by holding down on the headline until it blinks.  Then, you can go back and decide what to do with them, whether it is print, post, read or email, all of which could be done from a smart phone.

I have learned a lot of new information about technology and resources for education through using Feedly.  It is a fast, easy way to process information.

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