Loveshack: Blogs with Robin Love

Blogs are basically a personal webpage where information is listed in chronological fashion with each new post appearing at the top of the home screen.  Generally, they are updated with new journals or articles with some regularity (if they are maintained).

Web and Log is Blog jpeg

Robin Love has been using Edublogs to provide an online venue for students to publish work.  Each of her students have created a blog they will update weekly.  She plans to use this resource for both personal reflections and student responses to literature and classroom activities.

Edublogs jpeg

Here is her blog if you want to check it out.  All of her students blogs are linked to her page and are contained within a “class,” but as an outsider, they cannot be accessed without the password.  However, students can respond to one another as posts appear.

She has created an easy to follow resource for students to use when getting started.  I watched her students go through the process, and they did not appear to have any trouble.

Here is a copy of the handout for the student set-up: Love Shack Blogs

If you are interested in blogs and don’t feel comfortable getting started, let me know and I can try to help you set up.

I know there are other teachers using online publishing and collaboration tools, and I am eager to continue checking those out!  More to come very soon.

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