Grab: A Tool to Pull Online Images

Instructional coach Brian Seymour shared this application with me during a coaches meeting, and it seems VERY handy for pulling images and text from sources online.


The coaches at the weekly meeting.

The directions to access it are as follows:

1.  Go —> Applications —>Utilities —> Grab (you can pull the icon to your tools at the bottom of your desktop if you don’t want to do this every time) —> At this point, “Capture” appears at the top of your screen next to “File” and “Edit”

2.  Go to the website you want to “grab” an image from (I went to this website which has some awesome images I have used in class)

3.  Choose the image you want (I used this one)

4.  Click “Capture” at the top of your screen —> click “Select”

5.  Now, you can click and drag over what you want to save.  You will see a box outline the selected area, the image will be created in a seperate file which pops up and you can save it where you want!

Here is the one I saved:

Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison Work

There are two things about using this application.  One, if you are not able to download “Grab” let me know; I will send a Helpdesk ticket for you.  Two, when I wanted to put this image on my blog, I had to “save as” a a jpeg file.  It will automatically save as a tif file.  If you need help trying this out, let me know.

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