What Does Learning Lab Consulting Do?    

Learning Lab designs and implements meaningful, rejuvenating learning experiences that enhance growth and increase happiness.

Services includes:

  • Facilitating two hour, half-day, full day or multiple day workshops
  • Teaching full-length courses
  • Leading retreats
  • Speaking
  • Consulting
  • Coaching

Within each of these services, clients can choose a particular focus.  (For more on focus areas see the drop down tabs under “Services.”)  In addition to what is listed as a separate page, other focus areas may include: implicit bias, leadership, listening mindfully, building resiliency, using personal and community ritual as a tool to enhance human experience, and creating environments of civil discourse.

With whom does Learning Lab Consulting work?  

Learning Lab works with clients in the field of education, in social justice organizations, in helping professions, in religious and/or spiritual communities, and in privately owned businesses.

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What’s the philosophy behind the work?  

Creating transformation starts with being transformed.  Want to have a better work environment?  A better world?  Start with the self.  Resilience and happiness are contagious; science says so.

What will participants learn?  

Mindfulness is always an important component of learning, but there is much more. Learning Lab’s workshops, courses, retreats and speaking engagements enhance skills and characteristics that make us human.

Playfulness, creativity, compassion, resiliency, and interconnectedness bring meaning and joy to life.  Neuroplasticity tells us that these and other inherently human qualities can be strengthened and enhanced through practice, consequently improving performance, increasing quality of life and enhancing relationships.

What does a Learning Lab experience look like?  

Research: Each experience crafted by Learning Lab is evidence-based.  Research in psychology,  neuroscience and other fields of study are presented in accessible ways, empowering participants through knowledge and science. This research is confirmed and enlivened by the work of writers, philosophers and teachers who speak to the topics presented. Participants leave with evidence and insights that create understanding of content along with skills for integrating content into their lives.

Personal Narrative: Authenticity is important.  I live what I teach, so I share my own experience in meaningful ways that create interconnection.

Engagement and Practices: Experiences are a cornerstone to everything Learning Lab designs. Hands-on activities illustrate ideas and concepts and allow for the development of personal understanding. Participants will engage in meditation, self-exploration, and other learning activities designed to change mindsets and provide life-long tools.

A Learning Lab experience may include writing, art, dialogue, play, movement and many other activities.  (Play Doh is a given at many events, as are mindful movement breaks for events beyond an hour.)

Reflection: A major determinant of learning is the degree to which refection occurs.  Every Learning Lab experience provides meaningful opportunities to process experiences individually and through dialogue with others.